About Me

My name’s Levi, in January 2017, being unemployed, in a bad relationship and feeling sorry for myself, I decided I needed a change. One month later, in February 2017 I booked airfare from my hometown of Warkworth, New Zealand via Auckland International to Paris, France, with no return ticket. I had no idea what I was doing, or why, but I knew I needed a change.

I left without researching anything about hostels, public transportation, visas (though, thankfully New Zealanders don’t require one). Upon arrival, I stumbled around the Charles-De-Gaulle airport before discovering the RER B train to Gare-Du-Nord, Paris. Shortly after, I found myself in a completely different culture, surrounded by many people who may or may not speak the same language as me.

After nearly 45 days in France (and a weekend in London, England) I had…

Needless to say, after a rather typical, perhaps even boring youth in paradise, I was hooked on the unpredictable roller-coaster of travel. I immediately began saving up for my next adventure upon returning to New Zealand. Since I had very few photos remaining from my time in Paris, I promised that the next trip I did I would record as much of it as possible, both in writing and in photos, and you’re now reading the results of that promise. I hope you enjoy the content I’m producing, and I look forward to creating more for you.

Thank you,
Levi Dubbelman